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Empowering Business Owners and Their Teams

By Helping Them Understand Their Numbers

Meet Ericka

Certified Public Accountant

After working in public accounting for over 10 years and afterwards serving as the Chief Financial Officer for a private equity backed company in the healthcare industry, I understand the importance of business owners and their teams to understand their numbers and to review real-time data to enable better decision making in a timely manner.  I am on a mission to share all of the experiences I have gained over the years and help whomever I can.


How I Can Serve You

Accounting Software 

Financial Statements

Trainings & Teachings


Financial Oversight

The Journey Towards Creating a Successful Business Begins With Understanding the Financial Side Of Your Business.



My mission is to serve others so they can feel empowered by having a greater knowledge of the financial aspect in the business of life and their businesses so they can make better decisions which will lead to more fulfilled human beings.  The mission will be achieved by helping business owners and their teams gain a better understanding of their financial statements by creating clearer optics of the numbers in both their business and personal lives.  Additionally, improving processes to create efficiencies will allow for team members to thrive and become more productive which will lead to happier teams. 


Check out the latest videos:

Lemonade Stand Journey

Financial concepts explained simply is key to empowering entrepreneurs to understand their numbers.

The Financial Feed

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